About us

We plan, design and create new ideas and constantly strive for excellence in our results. Reģionālie Projekti Ltd. is a progressive, open, flexible, experienced, proficient and friendly company that knows how to find sustainable and deliberative resource planning solutions for projects that will be implemented in the future.

The mission of Reģionālie Projekti is to make Latvia better. We provide our clients with qualitative development planning documents, which are created by using the best available spatial planning methods and tools.

The vision of Reģionālie Projekti is sustainable planning. We strive to reach such a future in which actions and decisions of humans are based on sustainable development principles and an essence of these principles is understandable for everyone.

The goal of our work is to organise an open planning process thereby finding common denominator with all of stakeholders by using innovative methods and creativity of our team.

Our team

Our experts have competence, knowledge and high sense of responsibility as well as the will always to reach the best results by working in a team. We are endeavouring to ensure that our clients are interested to work with us again. Our team can offer you to see issues from different perspectives therefore aiming to reach new development visions and interpretations.