Providing spatial planning documents is the main scope of Reģionālie Projekti. To prepare such documents means ensuring a professional project management capability that involves a thorough client need analysis, finding the best available technical solutions, preparing qualitative document content, structure and layout (including graphical materials), making researches, organising society involvement processes and monitoring development results.

Teritorijas plānojumi un lokālplānojumi

Territory and local plans

Development planning documents in which requirements of territory utilisation and building are specified (functional zoning, public infrastructure, territory utilisation and binding regulations as well as other territory usage requirements). These documents are intended for an administrative municipality territory or its part.


Detailed plans

Detailed plans of local municipality parts, which are designed to define requirements for utilization or building parameters for a specific unit of land as well as to specify boundaries and restrictions for it.

Vides projekti

Environment projects

Strategic environmental assessments for planning documents that implementation can essentially impact environment, environmental reviews and monitoring reports.

Ilgtspējīgas attīstības stratēģijas

Sustainable development strategies

Long-term territory development planning documents that defines a long term vision, goals, long term priorities and a spatial development perspective for local municipalities.

Attīstības programmas un pētījumi

Development programmes and researches

Midterm territory development planning documents that defines midterm priorities and activities for local municipalities in order to achieve goals set within long term planning framework.

Konsultācijas un padomi


Diverse geographic information system (GIS) and cartographical solutions, strategic planning consulting services carried out by assessing needs and desires of every client individually.